Digital Skills eLearning platform

Digital Garage offers free digital training tailored to individual user needs and recognised by the IAB.

From a pop-up initiative in Leeds to an online learning platform that's now helped train over 10 million users.



Product Design Lead
Freelance, Rehab - 2015


Responsive web
Material Design


My Role

Taking the design reigns on the project prior to launch, I helped deliver the MVP an evolve the product of the following 8 months to something that lives on in Google legacy. 


Behind the brochure site, in its earliest incarnations, a diagnostic tool allows users access to a tailored learning plan of custom video content, created exclusively for the platform.


As well as delivering a suite of compelling marketing pages, the bulk of the work was in creating a great diagnostic to help users begin their learning journey.

New feature flows were designed around making the Job To Be Done as easy as possible for users. Consideration to both platforms native patterns. 

Defining the user experience, creating user flows for multiple user types.


Once registered, users can access learning content, test their knowledge, track their progress, and ultimately improve their digital skills across a wide range of digital tools and practices.

The user dashboard was an integral part of the experience Working directly with key stakeholders, I helped evolve the experience through a combination of workshop outputs, user testing & feedback.

Annotated wires part of a workshop output
Users access training topics and track progress through their plan
After watching the lesson video, users must pass a quiz to progress
Once completed, a final certification test is unlocked, and upon completion, users recieve their accreditation


The biggest challenge was developing digital personality synonyms with loveable and successful google products, whilst maintaining AA levels of accessibility. Bold colours were used to help highlight and focus, balanced with Images of 'Everyday Experts' and supporting illustrations. Everything was done mobile-first, which helped focus on simplicity.


Some numbers:
10 million people trained to date
188K+ people found a job or started a new business
32K+ businesses have taken on more staff 

Subsequent Digital Garage Pop-Ups and promos

Contact me

To discuss this project in more detail, or if you'd like to chat about working together, hit me up over email or over on LinkedIn. Currently, freelance and based in London, I'm on the hunt for new projects & open to discussing full-time roles.